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Sun May 20 19:41:51 UTC 2018
Jozef Wagner

: koraX's bot framework
Half life plugin framework25.3.2005 | Jozef Wagner
koraX's bot framework is plugin for Half-Life. You can make your own bot/plugin on top of this framework. It supports non-metamod and metamod, non-steam and steam ... I'm using it in kXBot along with koraX's utils.
: koraX's utils
many utils :)24.3.2005 | Jozef Wagner
koraX's utils are collection of various utils. profiler, loging facility, xml/cfg/ini parser, math vector support.

It started as part of kXBot, and it ended as a separate 'program'. I'm still using it in my bot :) which will be released soon
Temporary very brief kXBot page

Download kXBot now
: New Release
New kXBot release28.4.2004 | Jozef Wagner
New Release is ready, go Download kXBot now
: Under Construction
Page is under construction31.1.2004 | Jozef Wagner
KXBot Homepage is under construction. Meanwhile, check my homepage at where you can find info about my current and past projects, as well as some basic info about kXBot.

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